What Do You Wish For On Your Birthday? Free Pot, Perhaps?


What’s on your birthday wish list this year? If you whispered "free pot" under your breath, you’re in luck—and no, you don't need to look over your shoulder! At Pottery Etc, we’re making birthday wishes come true with a cheeky twist that’s all about celebration and zero about controversy.

Join our Free Pot Club and see what the buzz is all about.

Yes, it's pottery, but who says it can't be just as exciting?

Why Pottery Makes the Perfect Birthday Gift: Forget the mundane gifts that end up gathering dust in the closet. This year, we’re spicing things up with a gift that not only lasts but also adds a touch of personality and charm to any space. Here’s why snagging a free pot from us might just be the highlight of your birthday:

  • Endless Creativity: Each pot is a blank canvas for your green thumb or decorative flair.
  • Eco-Friendly Chic: Embrace a sustainable style that beautifies your home and helps the planet.
  • Seriously Fun: We promise, it's the kind of pot you can brag about at family gatherings!

How the Free Pot Club Works: It’s as simple as pie:

  1. Sign Up: Hop onto our website or swing by our store to join the Free Pot Club with just your birthday and email.
  2. Celebrate: Visit us on your special day, choose your favorite pot from our select birthday range, and take it home for free.
  3. Enjoy: Whether it’s sprucing up your garden, jazzing up your office, or adding a new member to your pottery collection, enjoy your new addition with our compliments.

ID may be required. Pottery Etc reserves the right to restrict selection and value of pot. Regular priced in stock merchandise some exclusions may apply.

Spread the Cheer: Got friends who love a good laugh—or maybe just some really chic pottery? Spread the word about our Free Pot Club. It’s the perfect way to ensure everyone’s birthday is filled with smiles, style, and maybe a little bit of good-natured mischief.

Come Visit Us: Our doors at 7441 Canoga Avenue are always open for those looking to add a playful twist to their living spaces. Remember, at Pottery Etc, when we say 'free pot', we mean the kind that’s perfect for plant-parents and home decorators alike.

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Don’t let another birthday pass without a little extra fun.

Join our Free Pot Club today and make your next birthday one for the books.

With pots this perfect, who needs cake?