Bring Art to Life in Your Garden with Our Exquisite Statuary

Discover the perfect piece to complement your outdoor decor.

Add a touch of elegance and intrigue to your garden or outdoor space with our diverse collection of statuary at Pottery Etc. From classical figures to modern abstract sculptures, each piece is crafted to not only decorate but also to inspire and transform any outdoor environment.

All the staff is friendly and professional, they took the time and helped me get just what I wanted this is my go to place,
Thanks, guys!!


Kenneth Guerrero

Fantastic selection of outdoor planters. Service was friendly and informative and they had just what I was looking for at a great price.


Dean Blau

Great selection and great prices. Very helpful and friendly staff. Couldn't find a certain pot design anywhere else I looked, but they had it.


Wendy C

I can’t stop visiting this place. Besides the vast selection of waterworks, benches, planters & pots that always end up in me bringing something home, the owner and folks that work there are knowledgeable and good to work with. I suggest you visit and see for yourself.


Bob Hall

Great place. My client and I were treated like royalty by Jose (not sure he was the Manager). Extremely fair prices!


David Brooke

Our Collection: Explore a variety of statuary options tailored to enhance any landscape:

  • Classical Statues: Ideal for traditional gardens, these statues feature Greek, Roman, and Renaissance figures.
  • Modern Sculptures: Perfect for contemporary spaces, these pieces use abstract forms and minimalist designs to create a focal point.
  • Animal Figures: Great for adding a whimsical touch, these statues range from realistic depictions of wildlife to stylized representations of mythical creatures.
  • Garden Gnomes and Fairies: Add a playful element to your garden with our charming collection of whimsical statuary.

Why Choose Our Statuary?

  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials like bronze, stone, and weather-resistant composites.
  • Visual Appeal: Each statue is a work of art, capable of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes.
  • Versatility: Our statuary comes in various sizes and styles to fit different themes and spaces.


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