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From whimsical to practical, our 'Etc.' collection has something special for every space.

Step into a world of unique decorative items at Pottery Etc, where we offer an eclectic mix of products to enhance both your indoor and outdoor environments. Our 'Etc.' category includes a variety of distinctive items that cater to all tastes and decor styles.

All the staff is friendly and professional, they took the time and helped me get just what I wanted this is my go to place,
Thanks, guys!!


Kenneth Guerrero

Fantastic selection of outdoor planters. Service was friendly and informative and they had just what I was looking for at a great price.


Dean Blau

Great selection and great prices. Very helpful and friendly staff. Couldn't find a certain pot design anywhere else I looked, but they had it.


Wendy C

I can’t stop visiting this place. Besides the vast selection of waterworks, benches, planters & pots that always end up in me bringing something home, the owner and folks that work there are knowledgeable and good to work with. I suggest you visit and see for yourself.


Bob Hall

Great place. My client and I were treated like royalty by Jose (not sure he was the Manager). Extremely fair prices!


David Brooke

Our Collection:

  • Sundials: Add a touch of classical charm with our functional and decorative sundials, perfect for garden enthusiasts.
  • Wind Chimes: Choose from our selection of melodious wind chimes that add a soothing ambiance to any setting.
  • Garden Stakes: Discover garden stakes that not only support plants but also add decorative elements to your flower beds.
  • Decorative Stepping Stones: Beautify your pathways or garden walkways with our intricately designed stepping stones.
  • Outdoor Lanterns: Illuminate your evenings with our stylish outdoor lanterns that provide both light and beauty.

Why Choose Our 'Etc.' Collection?

  • Diversity: Our wide range of products ensures there’s something to catch every eye and complement any decorating theme.
  • Quality: Each item is carefully selected to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Innovation: Continually updated with the latest trends and timeless classics, our collection keeps your decor fresh and exciting.


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